Features To Consider When Updating Your Business' Phone System

Posted on: 31 May 2017


Living in a digital age means that there is a wide assortment of ways that your business could communicate ranging from social media, instant messaging, emails and more. Nevertheless, the influx of different modes of communication has not made telephones redundant. If anything, there are now a vast range of features that are incorporated into phone systems, making them essential in ensuring that your business is productive and easy to reach. If you are looking to update your business' phone system, you should consider a few of these essential features:

Enhanced call handling

Running a business mean that simple one-way calls will not be adequate to ensure that your partners and customers are being given sufficient attention. Therefore, if you are looking to update your business phone system, you need to make sure that it provides you with additional call handling elements such as conference calling, three-way calls, automated answering during after hours, call transferring and more. The features that you select could play a significant role in boosting your bottom line. For example, automated call answering past office hours will ensure that you will not miss interacting with any potential customers.

Enhanced accessibility

When most people think of business phone systems, they tend to assume they are antiquated as they are located in one place, unlike mobile phones. However, new technology has made phone systems capable of improving the flexibility of your business by providing your employees with enhanced dynamism when it comes to being reached. One of the significant features that you could consider for increased accessibility is the ability for your staff to receive as well as make phone calls with the office line by using other forms of communication, such as their smartphones, through their laptops or even their tablets. This feature is referred to as single-number reach. It enables all your employees to program their office number into various devices, which will ensure that they are always reachable.

Enhanced response

Another feature that you should bear in mind when contemplating a new business' phone system is improved response time from your employees. With older phone systems, customers may have been subjected to calling a single number several times because the line was busy with other phone calls. With newer phone systems, you have the chance to program the main office line to ring from multiple devices. This way, you can delegate the task of call handling to all your employees rather than leaving it to one person.