Reviving a waterlogged phone

Posted on: 31 May 2017


While water can be very damaging for the electrical system in a telephone, it's all too easy for phones to get waterlogged especially with many of us spending much of our life near our phones. If you find your phone has ended up getting wet here are some tips to let it dry out as soon as possible. 

Grab and dry it quickly! 

The longer your phone stays submerged the higer the risk of damage. As soon as it gets into the water grab it out. If the model has a seperate battery you should also remove this and dry it seperately as the connectors can be a common area for corrosion and water damage. 

Don't listen to bad advice from friends and family

A lot of people will claim that placing a phone into a container of rice is likely to dry your phone but this does not often work. Unfortunately this can expose your phone to other damage include getting fragments of rice in the fine gaps including the headphone jack and/or charging panel of your phone. A better plan, if you have some close by, is to place your phone in an airtight container with packs of desicant beads (which are the little pack of beads that you often get in shoe boxes or new handbags). There are also larger packs of these beads made for submerged phones which can be bought from a telephone repair shop. 

Take it into the repair shop

Often the best idea is to take the phone into a repair shop as quickly as possible to get serviced. They can often replace parts of damaged phones or at least retrieve data that is saved directly to the phone including photos and contacts. These are often the most valuable things that you lose when you break a phone! They can also often salvage parts from unrepairable phones and can buy these from you to offset the cost of trying to repair the phone as well as the cost of a new phone if you need one. 

It's never good news when you spill water on a phone or hear it drop into water. However if you react quickly and get it out of the water you can often minimise damage. If you want to give you chance the best chance of restarting or retrieving important data from the phone then you should drop it into a telephone repair. For more information, contact companies like One Step Ahead Communications.