• Features To Consider When Updating Your Business' Phone System

    Living in a digital age means that there is a wide assortment of ways that your business could communicate ranging from social media, instant messaging, emails and more. Nevertheless, the influx of different modes of communication has not made telephones redundant. If anything, there are now a vast range of features that are incorporated into phone systems, making them essential in ensuring that your business is productive and easy to reach.
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  • Reviving a waterlogged phone

    While water can be very damaging for the electrical system in a telephone, it's all too easy for phones to get waterlogged especially with many of us spending much of our life near our phones. If you find your phone has ended up getting wet here are some tips to let it dry out as soon as possible.  Grab and dry it quickly!  The longer your phone stays submerged the higer the risk of damage.
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